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Mauritius - South Africa - Seychelles - Swaziland - Zanzibar / Tanzania


Where hundreds of meters of water falls into the depths of the cane, the giant turtles doze in the sun and the largest water lilies in the world: Mauritius is a natural paradise for explorers. Like a small jewel, the island of Mauritius is located in the middle of the Indian Ocean, which is the goal of your dreams for nature lovers and sunbathers.

South Africa

The "most beautiful end of the world" - lies in the extreme south of the African continent. South Africa has a lot to offer: wild reserves, secluded beaches, high mountains and deserts - but also world metropolises, diamonds and gold. Its diversity manifests itself in an amazing mixture of cultures, languages, cities and fascinating nature, and first-class hotels according to European standards, outings and shopping opportunities.


The Seychelles, an enchanting archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean with an incredible diversity. During the landing, this enchanting island landscape captivates you and promises a series of exciting experiences ... The Seychelles are world famous for their beautiful, man-made sandy beaches. Surrounded by ancient granite rocks, with powdered sand and turquoise blue water, you will find the paradise for excursions, snorkeling, swimming and relaxing. Being active and relaxing is also an integral part of the inselflair. Golf, horse riding or guided hiking tours bring you closer to the rare and sometimes endemic flora and fauna of the Seychelles. In the evening it becomes quieter on the islands, but there is always the possibility to end the day in a cozy bar or casino or go to the restaurant and taste the varied Creole cuisine.

Ales Consulting International offers an excellent selection of interesting internship positions in South Africa, Mauritius or the Seychelles, which are divided into corporate and tourism internships. What do you think about a paid hotel placement in a well-known luxury hotel in one of the world's most amazing and exclusive places? Our international internships give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge in English and also to gain professional experience at work.

Our paid internships in Africa give you the opportunity to expand your language skills, as well as professional work experience in the upscale hotel and intercultural competence to collect. We offer students interesting remunerated internships in international teams. These internship positions are largely focused on customer service and interaction with the guests in hotels in Africa:

* Public relations 
* Guest Relations 
* Reception 
* Facility Management 
* Housekeeping 
* F & B 
* International cuisine 
* Event Management 
* Marketing and Sales 
* E-commerce 
* Administration 
* Human Resource Management 
* Quality Management 
* Hotel management 
* Wellness / Beauty 
* Health / Sports 
* Animation and entertainment.

The best thing is: Our exclusive partner hotels in Africa offer our interns more than just a payment. Our students also get free room and board! The internship duration is in exceptional cases, 3 but mostly at least 6 months.

You are pupil / or student / in the hotel, restaurant, business, international business, management, languages, international cuisine, food technology or a related field? You enjoy working with people, your friendly nature and sales talent to draw from. English, like also French, German, Russian, Chinese or another language?

Among the formalities for applying for VISA for Mauritius - South Africa - Seychelles, Swaziland, Zanzibar / Tanzania we advise you personally and accordingly the country. When applying a passport copy must be filed with.



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