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Paid Internships in Asia

Vietnam - Malaysia - Thailand - Phuket - Philippines - Sri Lanka - United Arab Emirates - Maldives

Asia is an economically interesting place and just in world tourism, it remains one of the most important drivers. Whether you decide to Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Phuket or the Phillippines, interesting cultures, culinary delights and unique nature await you.


Vietnam, the country with its rice fields, located between the People's Republic of China and Thailand has much to offer tourists. Vietnam is characterized by its beautiful scenery, the friendliness of its people and its numerous landmark, extending over the whole land spread out. It is seen as the tip compared to the other Asian countries. Vietnam had a difficult past, but is currently in the process economically to recover and just the tourism sector is undergoing a positive development. The possibilities of a varied healthy diet are terrific.


The Maldives lies in two rows of atolls in the Indian Ocean, just across the equator. The island reefs on which innumerable species of underwater animals and bright coral life, protect the islands from the influence of wind and water from the ocean surrounding the islands, wide. The Maldives attract with its white beaches, clear warm water and getting their beautiful underwater. Diving enthusiasts and water sports (surfing, swimming, snorkeling, water polo are impressed also Honeymooners and people whichh are seeking rest and relaxation. The main industries are tourism and fishing.Ales Consulting International offers an excellent selection of hotel jobs and internship positions on the Maldives. What do You think about to work at a prestigious hotel on one of the most amazing, most beautiful natural places in the world?


To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. Malaysia is located in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region and is a land of interesting contrasts. The capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, which is simply called KL by the friendly inhabitants, is described by Europeans as the experience city of Southeast Asia. In Kuala Lumpur, huge skyscrapers meet the architectural past like wooden piles, mosques, temples and lush greenery. Malaysia with its colorful culture and fascinating natural wonders and a great selection of delicious dishes is the perfect place for a perfect time full of surprises and just the modern metropolis of Kuala Lumpur and the lovely island Penang with their fantastic transport links all over Asia are fantastic places for a paid internship abroad.

United Arab Emirates / Dubai

Ales Consulting International offers a superb range of exciting internship positions in Dubai and United Arab Emirates, which are divided into business and tourism placements. What do you think about a practical training at a famous luxury hotel in one of the world's most amazing and exclusive places? Our internships in Dubai / UAE give you the possibility to expand your knowledge of English and to gain professional work experience also. We offer students interesting internships in international teams.


"The Land of Smiles" is with magnificent temples, exotic nature and spectacular beautiful beaches, a truly fascinating destination, enthusiastic whose unique culture of each year people from all over the world. Famous are also the healthy and tasty cuisine of Thailand and of course the warmth of the Thai people. Because of its fantastic sandy beaches and unique natural especially the peninsula Phuket is a popular destination for tourists.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a naturally beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka with its white beaches, always clear warm water and its beautiful underwater world, flora and fauna attracts diving enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts as well as nature and animal lovers, cultural enthusiasts, wedding guests, rest and recreation seekers as well as families. Whether in the capital of Colombo, in the Jungle or on the East coast, an exciting time, as well as finding new friends, entertainment and fun during a challenging internship are guaranteed. Our internships in Sri Lanka ( Asia ) give you the opportunity to expand your language skills, as well as to gain professional work experience in the upscale hotel industry and intercultural competence. 


The Philippines (officially the Republic of the Philippines) are an archipelago of 7107 islands and state in the western Pacific Ocean and part of Southeast Asia. The Phillippines form the fifth largest island country in the world and with around 100 million inhabitants, it is the twelfth largest state in the world. The Philippines, however, have beautiful beaches are also Taifungebiet and have active volcanoes. Legend has it that the gods than they in the clear, blue ocean created the first Philippine island, were even so impressed by her work that she another one of those paradise islands formed in their euphoria over 7000, which today belong to the Philippines. It is also said Filipinas and Filipinos have an Asian soul, a Western mind and her heart beats to the rhythm fiery Latin American dancers. With a friendly smile and a warm welcome you will receive you.

Ales Consulting International offers an excellent range of paid internship positions in Asia (Thailand, Phuket, Vietnam, Malaysia, Phillippines). What do you think, for example, via an internship at an exclusive hotel in one of the most amazing, naturally beautiful places in the world?

Our paid internships in Asia give you the opportunity to expand your language skills, as well as professional work experience in the upscale hotel and intercultural competence to collect. We offer students interesting remunerated internships in international teams. These internship positions are largely focused on customer service and interaction with the guests in hotels in Asia:

* Public relations
* Guest Relations
* Reception
* Facility Management
* Housekeeping
* F & B
* International cuisine
* Event Management
* Marketing and Sales
* E-commerce
* Administration
* Human Resource Management
* Quality Management
* Hotel management
* Wellness / Beauty
* Health / Sports
* Animation and entertainment.

The best thing is: Our exclusive partner hotels in Asia offer our interns more than just a payment. Our students also get free room and board! The internship duration is in exceptional cases, 3 but mostly at least 6 months.

You are pupil / or student / in the hotel, restaurant, business, international business, management, languages, international cuisine, food technology or a related field? You enjoy working with people, your friendly nature and sales talent to draw from. English, like also French, German, Russian, Chinese or another language?

Among the formalities for applying for VISA for Vietnam - Malaysia - Thailand - Phuket or the Philippines, we advise you personally and accordingly the country. When applying a passport copy must be filed with.



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