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You are interested to discover a different country, develop your language skills and yourself professionally also?

You want to do your obligatory internship or a volunteer internship abroad?

You are looking for a program that offers you a paid internship?

Benefits / Service
  1. You get an internship (obligatory internship, volunteer placement, vacation work placement) according to your wishes and qualifications.
  2. We give you an internship that meets your training content. We only work with partner companies that meet the requirements of your university and make contracts properly.
  3. All internships are paid by our partner companies with at least 180 €.
  4. In the case of a hotel internship mainly accommodation and meals are included.
  5. You improve your language skills, your qualifications and get more intercultural competence.
  6. A counselor is available to you constantly with questions or for information.
  7. Our consultants are familiar with the events and the administrative conditions in the target areas.
  8. A consultant does for you the administrative burden, does the condition and the correct contract negotiations (for you, your educational institution and the foreign company) with our partners abroad.
  1. Completing the contact form with the desired period of time, place and activity of the placement and send your resume to target national language, English or German with a photo.
  2. A consultant examines your data, linguistic skills and qualifications for the requirements of your respective wishes internship abroad for feasibility. With a positive evaluation you will be sent the form for the mandatory registration for signature and an invoice for the deposit of 150 €.
  3. You pay the bill and your consultant starts, in accordance with your instructions, in the active mediation of a paid internship abroad - your consultant contacts our foreign partners deem appropriate companies.
  4. You get one submitted on your company's needs and requirements of appropriate internship proposal.
  5. Upon acceptance of the proposal of the paid internship, you will receive an invoice for the balance.
  6. After the payment you send us the necessary documents and we'll do the administrative work and the proper contract management for you.
  7. For questions and further information, we are always available to you.
Costs and financing
  1. The costs vary between 150 € and 1490 €. Depending on the selected internship, internship company and placement. Some of our corporate companies take part of the internship placement fee – If you wish, we will inform you in our newsletters.
  2. Of the host organization will be different levels of remuneration paid to at least 180 €.
  3. In the case of a hotel internship food and lodging are largely included.
  4. For Students / trainees exists a variety of funding programs available that can be applied largely on your university for you.
    • InWent
    • DAAD
    • Leonardo da Vinci
    • Sokrates
Info Insurance for Abroad

Longer-term stays abroad should be carefully planned! This is also true for the right insurance protection in the destination country of your choice. For staying in most countries of the proof of international health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance required by the enterprise of its interns. The longer you stay abroad, the more likely it is to be sick or something unpredictable happens (eg accident).

A comprehensive and powerful international protection is absolutely necessary and advised for your internship abroad. Keep in mind not only your health care coverage, but check carefully before departure, whether adequate protection in the event of liability claims (third party), damages in the accompanied baggage or permanent disability exists. Our insurance recommendation for students and au-pairs.


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