General Terms and Conditions of Internship

Our policy for the organization of an internship.

1. Registration / completion of the contract

a) The basis of the legal relationship between the intern and the Ales Consulting International (owner: Nannette Neubauer) are the information listed below and the general terms and conditions. ( )

b) Please use the registration form to apply. The application is binding for the trainee to Ales Consulting International within the reception of the signed registration form.

c) Ales Consulting International reserves the right to decide about the processing of applications, or to reject them. This can occur if the formal registration requirements are not met, the application will not be required statements made fully and truthfully or the operation is questionable for other reasons.

d) Agreements deviating from any of the below mentioned terms and conditions require written confirmation by Ales Consulting International.

e) There shall be German law. Jurisdiction shall be Demmin (Germany).

2. Scope

a) Depending on your requirements (your professional and linguistic skills) we will present your application to one of our partner companies, which have been specifically selected by us personally and locally. We provide the organization of an internship in an area / company of your choice for you, assumed that the formal eligibility criteria are met. You decide on a promise, if you want to accept the internship.

b) An employee of Ales Consulting International is your personal consultant, who will be you advisor and accompanies you from receipt of your online application to the end of the internship. We are in close contact with the businesses and offer assistance with any problems.

c) In case of a hotel internship, accommodation and meals are provided free of charge for the duration of the internship (there are a few exceptions in which case you will be advised by your consultant from Ales Consulting International). The rooms are covered with two to four persons (of the same sex). Most of the rooms are small and very simply furnished (60 min. walk) in either the hotel or in the vicinity there. The room assignment will be for each hotel, we have no direct influence on it.
The board includes three meals a day that are served in the staff canteen of the hotel. In other corporate internships meals and accommodation are usually not provided.

d) Because internships are normally free of charge as a voluntary benefit (the payment of our interns is regulated), we cannot accept further guarantees for the implementation of the internship. The company, the intern and the mediator can withdraw from the contract on reasonable grounds at any time.

e) After the confirmation of placement, a desired change of interns in the training period is only possible with the approval of Ales Consulting International. The company has the right of internal organizational reasons to change after consultation with the intern, the internship desired range.

f) After a successful internship we will take care of that you receive a certificate by the company, but please inform us 3-4 weeks before the end of your internship by E-Mail about your work areas and activities in the hotel.

3. Organization and fee payment

a) The price of our brokerage service varies depending on the place of the internship and in special cases by the company (for example summer jobs / internships, obtaining a work placement project).

Australia 890 €

Germany 590 € (Paid Internships, accommodation is not provided)

Germany Sylt island, Usedom, Rügen 390 € (Paid Internships, accommodation is provided)

Dubai / Fujairah / UAE: € 890 (Paid Internships, accommodation is provided)

European cities: € 590 (Paid Internships, accommodation not is provided)

Ireland 590 € ( Paid / Unpaid Internships with / without accommodation )

Spain € 490 (Paid Internships, accommodation is provided)

France € 590 (Paid Internships, accommodation is provided)

Austria, Switzerland: € 740 (Paid Internships with accommodation / or provided accommodation for a fee)

Canary Islands: € 390 (paid internships where accommodation is provided)

Malaysia: € 890 (Paid Internships, accommodation is provided)

Maldives: € 890 (Paid Internships, accommodation is provided)

Malta + Gozo: 390 €

Mexico: € 890

Seychelles: € 1.590 (Paid Internships, accommodation is provided) 

South Africa: € 1.190  


b) The fee is scaled as follows:
With your registration, a deposit of 150 € will be charged. This amount is intended to cover our processing costs initially incurred and is not refundable, unless Ales Consulting International cannot conduct mediation (with the exception of mediation attempts on your desired company). In case of unsuccessful mediation by Ales Consulting International, we will refund your deposit completely. After receipt of the deposit in our account, we will start to contact potential placement companies.
The remaining sum must be paid only after successful organization of the internship. This amount is due, when the intern gets the confirmation of a successful organization and with his/her approval of the internship. If the input of the balance is not reported within 7 days to our account, Ales Consulting International is entitled to award the work placement to another applicant.

c) The invoice will be sent by E-Mail.

d) Payment is by bank transfer.

4. Rescinding of the contract by the trainee

a) You can always withdraw from the internship. In case of cancellation up to 30 days before the placement the claims of Ales Consulting International are only the contractually agreed payment of the administration fee of 150 €. The obligation for payment of the balance is eliminated. If the withdrawal within 30 days before or during the internship will be kept paying the whole organization fee. In case of unsuccessful mediation by Ales Consulting International (except for an unsuccessful mediation at your dream company) you get the full refund of your payment.

b) If the continuation of the placement in the relevant work placement is unacceptable for the trainee, Ales Consulting International tries to organize an alternative placement as soon as possible. This is not a firm offer and is not part of the contractual performance.

c) Substitutes for the internship participants are not allowed because it is a personal and individual performance.

d) If the student wants to break off the internship, he agrees to inform both, Ales Consulting International as well as the company where he is doing his internship, of oral and / or written notice of its decision. Decisive for the cancellation is the receipt of the Statement of Ales Consulting International.

e) The withdrawal should be (in your interest) written and is valid on the date on which it is received by us.

5. Withdrawal

The student may cancel this contract within two weeks without giving reasons in writing (E-Mail). The period starts with the receipt of the cancellation. The revocation period is sufficient to send the cancellation. The revocation must be sent to:

The right of revocation lapses if the service has been provided in full or has started the execution of the service and the client has given his explicit consent and at the same time has confirmed his knowledge that he loses his right of revocation in case of complete performance of the contract by the entrepreneur. The client has expressly agreed to the execution of the contract before the expiry of the withdrawal period, by paying the deposit, by sending the requested application documents to the employer after the binding registration, contact / emailing with a possble employer, briefing for the interview with the employer and / or interview / skype interview with a potential employer.

6. Resignation or termination by the placement company

Ales Consulting International has no bearing on whether the internship is successfully completed within the agreed duration of the internship. If the company has valid reasons to cancel the internship Ales Consulting International has no obligation to refund fees or to organize a new replacement.

7. Cancellation by Ales Consulting International

Ales Consulting International is expected that the participants respect the habits and customs of the host country. If the participant defies these seriously, causes damage to third parties or otherwise acts in breach of contract to a large extent, Ales Consulting International terminates without refund the administration fee without notice. All associated costs will be borne by the participant.

8. Duties of Interns

The student agrees to participate in the framework laid down below in the organization:

a) All the application documents and information in the notification of the interns are true. Ales Consulting International has to be informed about interim changes of any statements immediately.

b) The student agrees to send the required documents ((application photo, CV (if possible in the language of the internship country and / or English), copy of passport)) by email, if they have not already sent them by e-mail.

c) If the student has complaints regarding contracted services with Ales International Consulting, they must put forward within 72 hours directly to Ales Consulting International by email. If this is missed by the intern culpably, Ales Consulting International is released from this complaint resulting from warranty claims.

9. Insurance

Each trainee must have a sufficient stay abroad insurance for the duration of his/her stay. The completion of a personal liability, health and accident insurance abroad has to be made by the trainee. If the student is enrolled in an educational institution (university, college, etc.) during the duration of the internship, the trainee must be insured by the educational institution with a public liability and accident insurance abroad.

10. Liability and Limitation of Liability

a) Ales Consulting International is liable under the care of a prudent businessman for the conscientious preparation and execution of the mediation process, correct description of all the website's performance and proper delivery of the contracted services.

b) Ales Consulting International use to ensure that its employees experience and contacts with international companies use their best endeavors in the interests of the intern and with the goal of a successful organization of an internship, but can give no guarantee for a successful application.

c) Liability for property damage and personal injury, which the trainee may arise during his internship, is excluded.

11. Privacy Policy

a) All of Ales Consulting International information sent will be kept strictly confidential. The recognition and processing of documents is carried out by employees of Ales Consulting International which are committed to taking up their duties to maintain data confidentiality. The student agrees that he will be forwarded to the personal data provided in the context of mediation by electronic means (by e-mail) or by mail to potential internship companies.

b) With all placement companies confidentiality is agreed. These companies may use information entrusted to them solely in the interests of the trainee. Ales Consulting International assumes no liability that despite security measures prevent unauthorized third parties access to the data provided or obtain the data, due to circumstances which the Ales Consulting International not be held responsible, are passed on to unauthorized third parties.

c) Ales Consulting International does not sell, give or distribute any personal data of the trainees to other persons or companies, only if the trainee authorized Ales Consulting International to do so.

d) Correspondence in the form of E-Mail or other documents received will be documented person-specific or stored. Applications that are not accepted will be automatically deleted with all available data two weeks after registration.

12. Ineffectiveness of individual provisions

The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the contract does not invalidate the entire contract.

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