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Internship Experience with Ales Consulting International

P. Hagen (23 ) Student Hotel Management ( Bavaria / Germany )

Hotel F & B Management Internship (Maldives )

Now I  am on the Maldives already for a month. Every free moment I spend with diving and water sports. The climate is very pleasant, the staff is friendly and professional, relaxed hotel guests. The accommodation to share, but there I am only sleeping. It is paradise.


Stefanie Z. (25 ) Student General Management ( North Rhine / Westphalia, Germany )

Hotel Internship Manager Assistant / Marketing ( Fuerteventura / Canary Islands / Spain)

Thank you so much! You are the best! You would not believe how happy I am. Today I signed my contract after five months of internship. I let my practice phase till the end of my studies, so as to facilitate my entry into working life. It worked! OK, now I can not use longer the hotel accommodation, but my salary is indeed slightly higher than the payment in the internship. Really thank you for the good preselection, I call that really Recruiting professionals!


Nicole V. (22 ) Student ( Education / Germany )

Hotel Internship Animation / Childcare (Gran Canaria / Spain)

At first I had my doubts whether such a hotel internship in animation training is really useful for my goal. I did not have much time, my fellow students had already completed all of their internship contracts and accommodation sought. After a long phone call with Ales Consulting International , all my problems were solved : Private hotel with its own hotel animation. The program was really educational value, activities for different age levels, even language courses. The accommodations were outside the hotel, which I liked very much, because I had so truly free in my spare time and getting there, took me past fortunately always at the beach!


Michael M. (23 ) Student Sport Sciences ( Berlin / Germany )

Internship in the field of sport in an exclusive hotel ( Lanzarote / Canary Islands / Spain)

My Spanish internship was absolutely fantastic. From the creation of training plans, nutrition consultation to personal training with VIP clients, I could participate in each area and learned a lot. My advantage was that my colleagues do not like to speak German, so I was allowed to train independently with many German guests after a short time. My Spanish and English I could still improve a lot and had everything I needed: A paid internship, which was fun, meals, lodging, sports, sun, ocean and more...


Ana C. Student ( 24) Hotel  Management (Spain / Tenerife / Canary Islands )

Hotel Internship Reception ( Germany / Sylt )

This summer I have done my internship in Germany in a very nice hotel on the exclusive island of Rügen in the reception of a prestigious hotel. I wanted to apply my knowledge of German and wanted to be on the sea, but it was impossible for me to find an internship with accommodation or even a hotel, the whole island was fully booked over the summer. Ales Consulting International has organized my  internship excellently, even food and 400 € / month I got. What is most important of all, I have expanded my knowledge of German, because no one has spoken to me Spanish and it was incredibly interesting how a German hotel works.


Natalia K. ( 20) Hotel Management Trainee (Mecklenburg / Vorpommern / Germany )

Hotel Internship Reception / Guest Relations (Dubai / United Arab Emirates)

In my professional training I have to pass various departments of hotel and restaurants are included. For each training section is an internship necessary, the first I did in Dubai at the front desk of a well-known hotel. The selection process was very moved out , first I had to submit several papers, then followed by a telephone interview with Ales Consulting International, then two with the hotel. Finally, the commitment , then the contract and medical certificates. Then it was done. Even the flight with Emirates was an experience for me when I arrived I took a pink woman taxi to the hotel and was overwhelmed by the dazzling skyscrapers. The warmth and 6days week have been hard for me. However, the work was fun and I learned a lot, luckily for me there were a lot of German and Russian guests , whose support made me fast to an estimated staff member on the front desk. The accommodations were located outside and to share, so I had the same friends, and there was a hotel shuttle. On my days off, I used the metro, went to the beach, visited the Dubai Mall and other hotels. It was a truly enriching experience. A very different culture, impressing. My next placement is already in the organization, this time it is the kitchen department in a prestigious hotel in the Maldives  with a small payment and accommodation included. I am looking forward to learn the preparation of seafood.


Pavel Z. (21 ) Student Nutrition Sciences ( Poland)

Hotel Internship Kitchen ( Germany / Frankfurt am Main)

Although I spent a semester abroad in Germany, I was unable to find a professional internship by myself. On top of that my financial resources were very limited and a hotel in a big city would not give me a accommodation, so it would not even able to finance me. Ms. Neubauer has organized that I could do an internship in my training content corresponding to the famous city of Frankfurt / Main. The well-known hotel also gave me an in house accommodation in addition to the payment. So I was able to concentrate me fully on my work and collect a lot of interesting experiences in the good cooperation with colleagues and greatly improve my German.


Joyce V. B. (18 ) tourism student (Netherlands )

Hotel Internship PR / Guest Relation (Lanzarote / Canary Islands / Spain)

Just gorgeous! At first I was not so good in Spanish speaking, but the international friendly staff and guests made it easy for me. About English and German I was able to communicate with you, just to pick up the phone made me scared the first month. The communication with the guests and the quality management gave me a lot of fun. I found the most beautiful Christmas and New Year's Eve when we were planning the gala and it have been really interesting events. In my free time were no limits: restaurants, bars, discos, gym, water sports, beach, boat trips - the way I learned Spanish and salsa alongside. Gladly again!


Ildiko R. Student ( 21) Language / Interpreter ( Hungary)

Hotel Internship PR / Guest Relations / Club ( Barcelona / Spain)

Through my Erasmus semester I knew Barcelona and met my boyfriend, so desperately wanted back there. I did not need accommodation, but I wanted a paid internship in an exclusive 5 star hotel ( house number in the CV ), which would give me professional experience and combines different areas. I got, guest relations, sales, complaint management and service in the business area of an exclusive conference hotel in the heart of Barcelona. Sophisticated, international clients, pleasant helpful staff – Would do it again!


Ingmar S. ( 20) Student Computer science / Economics ( Austria )

Internship tour operator / computer science department ( Lanzarote / Canary Islands / Spain)

Awesome, a professional computer science internship without speaking Spanish. All the staff spoke English and were very open-minded and professional. The boss told me his position and gave me a free hand and then I bring in my own ideas. So I was involved in developing a website and do a lot of work related to SEO and search. The accommodation I got, was close to my workplace, beach, sports and nightlife. On my days off I explored the island, was surfing, diving and swimming.


Marc D. (22 ) Student International Sales (Hessen / Germany )

Hotel Internship Reservations /Booking / Sales ( France / Nice )

I spent a long time looking for a hotel tempered internship in France, because I wanted to use my knowledge of French. The search was difficult because I did not study hotel management or the companies did not want to pay any compensation or not replied to my application. With Ales Consulting International, I have revised my application / CV. After the phone call and I had no more fear of the French telephone interview which I passed with flying colors. In the booking /reservation / sales department, it really appealed good to me. The time flew by: International calls, targets, sales strategies, application of everything we had learned at the university in sales training, administrative area, invoicing, contract management, PC work. In the accommodation, we were also the same group and did almost everything together.


Sun, Beach and Fun!

Canary Islands (Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Tenerife, Gran Canaria)

Germany (Sylt, Rügen, Usedom)




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